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Volcano hologram

Experience of interactive hologram pyramid, projecting a volcano eruption in real-time using Unity© and LeapMotion© technologies for interactive exposition proposal to "Centro de Ciencia y Cultura de Costa Rica" museum.

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Water surface simulation

Ocean water simulation based on a sum of sine functions approach for calculate a height map and real-time surface orientation from GPU in a vertex shader.

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The carriage of time

An immersive virtual reality experience that explores Medellin of years 30, this was made for The museum of advertising project.

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Tower Defense Pack

In-development Tower Defense Illustration asset pack for free distribution in personal or commercial way. This pack contains towers, trees, mountains among monster animations and will be available at first half of January 2018.

2D SPH Water simulation

2D Water body simulation based on the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic (SPH) method with leapfrog integrator computed from CPU using JavaScript and ThreeJS Library.

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The scape of N200

Humans set under rigorous test an alien specie but suddenly an unexpected event occur in the laboratory.

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Our team portfolios

Romualdo Villalobos

Apprentice of graphic programming, who is enthusiastic about parallel computing and the simulation of physical phenomena in real time.

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José Villalobos

Lover of programing and enthusiastic learner of physics simulations and Android development.

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